About Core Training Consultancy

About Us

Since 2016, CORE Training Consultancy has provided tailored leadership and team development solutions to empower leaders and transform teams.

Our customised experiential workshops cater to all levels, supporting change through executive coaching, leadership and team-development training workshops, and team-building activities.

Single-Window Solution
We cover all levels; from the C-suites to managers and potentials, to the general workforce, providing programmes ranging from high-gradient leadership training and coaching, to team-building workshops for managers; from organisational and team alignment workshops to team-bonding events for the staff. At all these workshops, we explore mindsets and attitudes, with an emphasis on application to achieve results.
Experienced Trainers and Coaches
We leverage on our team of trainers who are experienced in engaging all the various levels.

Our Vision

Everybody Wins

Our Mission

To deliver workshops that motivate, inspire and engage our learners, and equip them with the practical skills to win as teams.

Our Pillars


Establish trust by keeping our clients physical, emotional and psychological safety in mind, always.

Climate that Inspires

Consciously create the climate and environment where learners are open, motivated and inspired.


Every one walks away with at least one key lesson, that adds value to their life.


We lead by continually refreshing and upgrading our content, tools, and frameworks, to benefit our our clients and their businesses.


We are always there for our clients and our people.

Our Strengths

Empowering teams to thrive with our winning formula of expertise, innovation, and proven results.

Our Methodology

We adopt an experiential, and structured approach, catering to the multiple learning preferences and styles of our learners. Hence the lessons from hands-on experiences and simulation exercises conducted during the sessions when incorporated into the theories, are easily absorbed and applied.

Our Frameworks

We apply our very own framework called TEAMsense® to all our programs. Coupled with TEAMsense® Analytics, CORE own team-health assessment tool, and our team development roadmap we provide a comprehensive and practical approach to developing leaders and teams.

Our Trainers

Our team of qualified trainers have been in the trenches, leading teams and developing leaders locally and internationally. From having led army battalions, to being part of the C-suites in MNCs, they have all earned the rights and well qualified to deliver training and coach leaders from all levels of industry.

Our Values

We adopt both, a structured and experiential approach, through problem solving, reinforced by reflection, group discussions, focussed debriefs and theories to achieve 3 goals:

Positive Impact
Every session must create a positive influence on the learner and contribute to the success of the business.
We ensure that our workshops are engaging and memorable, leading to easy retention, adoption, and application of the lessons.
Client Satisfaction
We are committed to achieving 100% client satisfaction and guaranteeing maximum return on investment for our clients.
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