You’re only as Strong as your Weakest Link

Today’s COVID 19 number is a testament to the statement that “You’re only as strong as your weakest link,” and a huge lesson for the leadership. 

Todays numbers must serve as a valuable lesson—that everyone in a society plays a vital part and to think and treat anyone as being of lesser importance is a mistake. The ignored, unappreciated, isolated, discriminated, excluded will one day as history had repeatedly shown, bite back either through their actions or as a consequence. 

When the gaps widen, regardless of what the gaps are, they create weak links. When a calamity strikes, it is the weakest links that will show the first signs of strain and crack  much to the detriment of the organisation.

With the highest numbers of COVID-19 infections now being recorded amongst our foreign workers doing menial and construction work— probably the lowest paid and the one who are living in the most squalid of conditions— we are now exposed. This must sound as the warning bell, and when this pandemic is finally defeated, leadership must reflect upon itself. You see, all our so-called progress and success can be wiped out in one fell swoop, by the arrogance of not paying attention to the weakest links. 

It’s a lesson in leadership, that regardless of your successes, ultimately you shall  be judged by the way you treat your people. 

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