When You’re Finally Here and You Want to be There Again

For some affected by the work from home order as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, things are beginning to get stressful, again, at home. Many seem to be struggling about working from home; which is hilarious really when you think about it. 

How many of us have for ages been complaining about work stress and work life balance? For how many has this been the reason for leaving jobs and even changing occupations? How many complain about not having time for loved ones or the time for self-care? Yet now when ‘time’ is all you’re going to have and be able to use for your selves over the next few weeks, and who knows, maybe more, there’s an increased longing to be at the office and our good old work stations. Perhaps it’s about missing the conversations around office matters or politics, with friends and colleagues during breaks. Perhaps its about the convenience of getting things done, face to face. Perhaps it’s about being able to steal some time away from the family and focus on ‘more important’ things. Perhaps it about all of that and more. 

Just be aware that some are beginning to sound like that old guy sitting on his rocking chair, on his porch, reminiscing the ‘good old days’, convinced that they were the best days, forgetting that things were as stressful and sometimes painful too during those times. It seems that when you’re finally here and you want to be there again.

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