‘The Hat of a Leader’ vs ‘The Hat of a Politician’

When leaders, in times of crisis begin to grapple with personal agendas as well, isn’t there the possibility that they’d lose their focus on the actual crisis? Shouldn’t there be only ONE MISSION right now? 

Who are we listening to? Are we listening to a leader or are we listening to a politician? The ones making decisions, are you being leaders or are you being politicians? You have to choose.

All of us know that the COVID-19 situation is the most immediate and pressing problem, that must be resolved. Every possible resource, physical and non physical, must be employed and engaged in overcoming this problem, shouldn’t it? 

In the midst of this, it does not help when the politicians are waving ‘other flags’ around. The General Elections, for example, is in itself a major event. Should decision makers, during times of crisis, harbour and even promote other agendas and add to the complexity? One must worry that these politicians could fall revert to their ‘kiss the baby’ roles, downplay and soften issues, just to gain political points-to our detriment. 

This creates a deeper hole and makes things even more confusing and stressful than they already are, both for themselves and for the citizens. How willing are they to make difficult decisions for the nation, if those decisions could also sink them politically? 

Shouldn’t there be more clarity from these politicians? What ‘hat’ do we see these decision makers wearing? Is it ‘The Hat of the True Leader’ or is it ‘The Hat of a Politician’? There is a difference. Someone must clearly decide and begin to show some true leadership. Otherwise with two agendas and two hats, things are only going to get fuzzier. 

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