So You Think You Can Dance? “That’s Insane”

I’m a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, a talent show on cable TV. 

If you had watched last weeks episode, you would have noticed that Venessa Hudgens, one of the three judges for this season kept using the word “Insane” in almost all the post-performance comments. 

It was either “You are insane!” or “That was insane!”. She meant it as a compliment and an expression of her feelings, but after a while it became a distraction, sounded cliched, and projected an inability to give constructive feedback to the dancers. It took away her sincerity as a judge and critic. 

This week was different. Almost every one of her comments about each dancer and their performance was original and sounded sincere and heartfelt. Not once did she use the word “insane”. She must have been very conscious about using that phrase “It’s Insane!.” It was probably very challenging for her to continually remind herself to not use the phrase. She added new words to describe the performances, and sounded fresh and original each time. Yes, Effort. 

It’s a mark of a true professional and of someone who is consciously aware for the need to change upon receiving feedback. It’s a sign of respect for the client as well; of someone who makes the effort to continually improve to give clients a better and better experience. 

The CORE Message: Are we conscious of the level of service we actually deliver? Are we constantly reviewing ourselves, changing what isn’t working, to ensure a greater user or client experience? 

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