1. Team Map

TEAMsense™ TeamMap


Before that elephant in the room smothers you...

...stick a stamp on it, address it and send it away.

Gain valuable insights about how strong your team is.

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With TEAM MAPPER, you will be able to assess the 'health' of your teams in terms of:

Use TEAM MAP to routinely measure and assess how strong your team is!

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2. TEAMsense 180 Personality Profiler

How well do you know your team, individually?
Do you know what makes each one tick; and what triggers each one of them?
Could knowing this improve your ability to influence them positively & prevent conflicts?

Gain valuable insights about your team mates with TEAMsense 180 Personality Profiler.

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With the TEAMsense 180 Personality Profiler, you will be able to better understand their preferred:


3. CraftMe and Peoplemaps