Play the Drama Game and Risk Losing Everything…

You’ve have a brilliant idea. You’ve thought through it much, done your own analysis of it and are almost certain that you could carry it through successfully. You even have a draft business plan prepared. Now you’re thinking of running it by someone for their take on it. 

Warning: Be aware who you’re seeking advise from. Ask yourself if the person or group you seek to run it by is influenced and biased by their own experiences; they may not be as objective as you want them to be. 

If yours is a unique business model or product unlike any other, and you run it by conservative thinkers, their take on it will be compellingly different from someone with more unconventional experiences and thoughts. Can you imagine if Steve Jobs had sought the advise of someone used to using a Nokia about his new idea for a phone, the iPhone may not have been launched. Closer to home, think of Sim Wong Hoo, of Creative Technology when he approached the Economic Development Board for funding to support his idea, and was turned down by a group of never-been-entrepreneurs bureaucrats.

When people do not know what they do not know they will only be able to make give you answers or ‘solutions’ from what they know. Often they slant towards the negative just to be safe and from their past experiences as victims.

This is also why people receiving aid from agencies that are steeped in victim thinking themselves, remain as victims. Often they play a game called the Drama Game with 3 principal characters- the persecutor, the rescuer and the victim. The roles are fluid and interchangeable with one taking on the role of the other to keep the drama going.

It’s a hostage, hostage-taker and rescuer game. They expect everyone else to play the game with them too. They want things for free and don’t understand what value means. So they take without giving and expect you to lose.

If you’re in business or are an artist or are providing a service, stay away from such groups for the sake of your success and sustainability. 

Charge what you need to charge based on the work, worth and value you provide. Play a win-win game; playing anything guarantees you being sucked into the Drama Game. When you do You will Lose. 

The CORE Message: Refrain from playing the deadly Drama Game.

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