How an Outsider’s Perspective Could Help Change Your Business

​I was  in shock. Reality hit home. For the next few months as a result of the virus, the training business will take a huge hit. I’d say that my business will be battered more than many other businesses as I run team development workshops. As part of this we conduct team building programs. Yes, that’s the kind of program where people usually high five and hug one another every now and then. How can that happen on line? 

From those on line programs I’ve attended, I have observed how disconnected and disengaged the participants can be, especially if they are sponsored by the company, or ‘forced to attend the course. That won’t do in a team building event. 

With social distancing and work from home measures in place, it impacts my business big time. How can I run a team building program online with a disinterested audience. That thought and question lingered for quite a while until I had some motivation and an epiphany. 

The current thinking and mode of instructions on online learning platforms may be interactive, but they all seem to be  focused on keeping the learner in front of the screen. Click, poll, click. But what if that wasn’t necessary? 

It took me about a month to realise this. I must admit that I was greatly motivated by Skyler, my BNI chapter secretary who kept hounding me to “conduct something on line”. It allowed me to stand back, reflect and get outside of the current noise and look at things differently. Perhaps he saw things that I wasn’t seeing being too close to my business. 

Perhaps that’s all it takes- a change of perspective- to adapt and manage the changes and disruption that this virus has brought into our lives. 

With my business , that change in perspective now allows me to produce highly engaging and interactive activities that can be conducted on line.

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