Hoo Ah!

A friend recently shared an office experience. At a monthly office meeting, her manager presented a summary of a book on leadership he had read, written by an ex-military officer. She could not remember the title of the book nor the name of the author but she said, after the summary the manager proceeded to stress the need for the office team to be like the US Marines…Screeech! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Really? Do you want a team like that? Do you know what it takes? Is that even possible if your organization is rife with politics, cliques, trust issues and self aggrandising? 

It’s a top down effort that would scare many leaders in the first place, and a bottom up effort that would require unshakable believe and trust from the ground.

So let’s see. One team will:

  1. Fight tooth and nail to defend and protect it’s members (brothers and sisters) 
  2. Never leave anyone behind regardless
  3. Look out for one another
  4. Be responsible for the safety of the other
  5. Honour members even posthumously because he or she had sacrificed his own life so that others in the team can live

Now let’s talk about the team that my friends manager wants to build…

The Core Message: The team you have often reflects the leader you are. 

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